Q. What can DEXA show you that Hydrostatic Weighing, Bod Pods, Bio Impedance or Calipers can’t?

  • Regional Body Composition (Fat, Muscle and Bone Density Distribution)
  • Arms, legs, trunk, anroid, gynoid and regional totals
  • Android / Gynoid Fat Ratio
  • Body fat color mapping
  • Bone Mineral Density of bone health and Osteoporosis or Osteopenia
  • Body Composition Trending and Comparative Analysis

Q. How long does a DEXA Scan take?

Total body composition DEXA scans take between 4 minutes and 7 minutes depending on the size of the person that is being scanned

Q. How accurate is a DEXA scan?

Our brand new gold standard scanner is the most accurate way to scan body composition! We use market leading Hologic DEXA systems, providing you with the most accurate and precise results. Please see our section on comparing DEXA Vs. other modalities

Q. Do I need to wear specialized clothing for my scan?

No, In fact, you can wear whatever you like as long as there is a minimal amount of metal. We recommend you wear comfortable clothes such as workout clothes; however, work attire is just fine too. It is one of the advantages of DEXA is that is non invasive like other methods used

Q. What is the radiation involved?

DEXA used a very low dose X-ray and you will only be exposed to 1-4 µSv (micro Sieverts). This is less radiation than you will experience on a flight from Perth to Karratha

Q. Can you claim through a Health Fund?

You may be able to claim with your private health fund. Please check with your provider if you are covered. There is no item number for a Body Composition scan and all appointments are invoiced as an ‘Exercise Physiology Consult.’ You will not be able to claim through Medicare for a Body Composition scan. If you are having a Bone Mineral Density scan to assess your risk of Osteoporosis you may be eligible for a rebate and will need to discuss this with your Doctor

Q. How often should I have a scan?

We recommend a follow up appointment every 6 weeks, however this will depend on your training program. Some clients are athletes and may require a scan more frequently, you may be starting a diet or 12 week program and every 4 weeks may be appropriate you on in the early stages to ensure you are on track.

Q. Can I work out prior to my scan?

Yes you can!

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