Our Full Blood Reports offer a clear indication of your health. Doctors are generally looking for clinical conditions only once they have already manifested. WE take a preventative approach measuring your blood bio-markers against Optimal Ranges rather than normal ranges.

Unfortunately, it is normal to have some of these bio-markers in sub-optimal condition. Optimising your results can have a dramatic effect on your health and well being, improving the effectiveness of your training and dedication.

Profiling your hormones to ensure balance affects your energy and mood, vitality and your ability to lose body fat. Often, we catch these at the point that small changes in food choice or exercise has a very effective result.

On completion of the scan, you will be provided with both paper and electronic copies of your report showing your bone density in the most accurate manner possible. Our easy to understand reports will show you your exact bone density, or a comparison if you have had one before.

Metabolic Measures
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