DEXA Body Composition Testing

Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry is the most accurate way to measure your body composition. Comparable to MRI (without the pricetag) and CT (without the radiation) DEXA offers clinical accuracy measuring Bone Mineral Density, Lean Mass and Fat Mass.

DEXA also offers critical health markers such as Visceral Fat and Total Trunk Fat, which are closely linked to Heart Disease, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome.

Tracking your results over time allows us to see how your interventions are working and adjust as needed with the ability to see change in composition in far more detail than overall body weight.

Resistance training affects your composition significantly as it supports both an increase in lean mass and decrease body fat, especially in a HIIT environment. For this reason, incredible composition changes and hard work cannot be recognised fully without a more in-depth look.


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