Resting Metabolic Rate

Calories in vs Calories out = weight loss

Tracking your food intake has never been easier with free food diary applications and helpful food plans however ALL of them are missing one critical piece of information.

Indirect Calorimetry is the only way to accurately measure your Resting Metabolic Rate, the value used in all diet applications. Guessing your RMR, many of these applications result in an unsustainable, low calorie requirement.

Our RMR test measures your RMR accurately so you can make the changes you need to manipulate your composition the way that you want to.

Metabolic Measures


The ultimate fitness test, find your max potential with our VO2MAX Test. Measuring your peak oxygen consumption combined with your heart rate at that peak can help create training zones specific to you. A heart rate monitor can then be used to monitor your heart rate during training to get you within the zones that will provide the most progress toward your specific goal.

This test is useful for endurance athletes looking to identify the training zones that will produce them the biggest performance increase.

Metabolic Measures
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