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Metabolic Measures gym affiliate program helps you market, sell and deliver remarkable results to you clients.
This program will take your service offer to the next level and help you get an edge over your competition and measure your way to a better future.

We look to partner and deliver our mobile service to fitness professionals and gyms across Western Australia to provide solutions for clients and members. The benefits to your business from working with us include:

  • By offering a point of difference with medical-grade accuracy and precision, instead of relying on unreliable and error-prone methods such as BMI, skin fold calipers and consumer-grade bio-impedance monitors, you will be seen as you are – progressive and forward thinking.
  • Clients are significantly more likely to achieve their goals and therefore recommend your services to others and stay with you longer.
  • Becoming a Metabolic Measures Affiliate and registered on our website, allows another point of access for clients to find you.
  • Because we are fully mobile, we will set up at your business location and potential clients and people interested in their health and fitness will be coming to your place of work for scans.
  • We set the timeline and then demonstrate client’s progress through regular scanning to keep them motivated over a 12 month period. This gives you a satisfied client as well as a very loyal one.
  • You will be able to optimise your service offering based on accurate science, not estimates of each client’s need to lose fat, gain muscle or improve performance.

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