Measure your fat. Know your muscle mass. Take a DEXA scan and in less than 5 minutes, get a picture of the real you. Start today, and take the guesswork out of your body transformation.

DEXA Body Composition Scans

Short for Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry, DEXA or DXA is the scientific gold standard method for assessing body composition and bone density screening.

DEXA is the only tool available for bone density and with third generation technology and software; it is also the only method that will measure exact bone, fat and lean tissue content as opposed to an estimation.

For over 30 years, DEXA has been used for Osteoporosis screening in the medical and healthcare industries where doctors collect bone density data and issue preventative medicine for their patients.

Get answers, not estimates.

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Metabolic Measures

Resting Metabolic Rate Test (RMR)

A resting metabolic rate test measures the amount of energy that your require for all your vital functions at rest. These include breathing, heartbeat and cognitive function. Using our state of the art RMR machine we can determine how many calories that you burn per day at rest.

Map Your Metabolism

Knowing your RMR allows you to map your daily caloric intake to ensure you are getting the precise amount of calories to meet your goals. Armed with this vital information you can then tailor your exercise and dietary intake with much more confidence. Your goal may be to loose weight but if you are consuming too many calories above your RMR you may struggle to achieve your goals.

You are putting in the hard work, so take out the guess work and book an assessment today.

Individual and Reliable Results

RMR is measured via an indirect caliometry. The amount of oxygen you consume and the calories that you burn have a direct relationship. Using our advanced RMR unit we measure the volume of air inspired and expired. The machine also considers complex factors such as temperature, pressure and humidity to calculate the total calories you burn at rest.

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Metabolic Measures

VO2 Max Test

VO2 Max Test is the maximum amount of oxygen, in millilitres, used in one minute per kilogram of body weight. What we are providing at Metabolic Measures is the same test used by elite athletes to evaluate your cardiovascular fitness. This is a scientific way of measuring your cardiovascular fitness. There is no better way to understand where you’re at, or measure your progress than this test.

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Metabolic Measures

DEXA Bone Density Test

DEXA (Dual X-ray absorptiometry) is the gold standard in evaluating bone mineral density. Over 6 million Australians have low bone mineral density but with knowledge of where you stand and early intervention you may be able to prevent osteoporosis. Your results will show you not only your Bone mineral content (BMC) but will also give you an idea about how your skeletal health compares to those of your own age.

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Metabolic Measures
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